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Import Export Peter Hoch GmbH in Waldkirch near Freiburg is one of Europe's leading zoological wholesalers with over 45 years of experience in the terrarium sector. The specially developed animal facility comprises more than 5000 terrariums on over 2000 square metres and is unique in Europe. On the upper floor of the company building there is a 1000 square metre greenhouse in which species from desert and savannah areas are kept during the summer months. On average, between 200 and 300 different species are kept here.

At Import Export Peter Hoch GmbH, we care about nature. We are convinced that contact and understanding for animals make us better people. Our descendants should also have the opportunity to experience animals and nature.

Our mission

We are terrarium keepers. That's why we are convinced that terrarium animals always deserve the best possible living conditions. That is why we are not only a zoological wholesaler, but also stock a wide range of terrarium accessories from the most popular brands in our accessories range.

We also offer a full range of terrarium products under our own brand "Lucky Reptile". We always focus on the needs of the animals. We know that our responsibility does not end with the product. That's why we provide all the information and assistance you need to keep your pets in a species-appropriate environment. We offer an extensive database of animal profiles and provide all the information required for the safe and effective use of our products.

Our location

The Ländle is known for its creativity and innovation, and we are happy to join in without forgetting our cheerfulness and joie de vivre as Baden residents. The location in the so-called border triangle, close to France and Switzerland, does the rest with its intercultural influences, which the cosmopolitan Badener gladly absorbs.

But we're not just from Baden, we're from the Black Forest! We can do modernity and tradition! The Black Forest region has long been known throughout the region, especially for its traditional culture, picturesque landscapes and culinary experiences.

As nature lovers, our location in the beautiful Black Forest in peaceful surroundings and nature gives us strength and peace at the same time. Nevertheless, we are conveniently located close to the city of Freiburg and have a railway station right on our doorstep, so that we can be at Frankfurt Airport in just under 2.5 hours, which is important for us as an international company.

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